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100 Day Paleo Challenge 

100 Days Paleo Challenge” program  is based on widely accepted concept of  “100 Days Challenge” which has helped millions to achieve very hard goals in easiest way possible.

Basically,  100 Day Challenge is a hardcore goal setting program that is responsible for transforming human potential into extraordinary results—FAST. It’s the perfect solution for the biggest problem faced by every individual and organization—the need for more, better, and faster results in a highly competitive world.

If you want to drive radical results, transform your life and achieve any goal fast…there’s a formula…a proven recipe that works with devastating effectiveness…and it’s called the 100 Day Challenge.

Here, We are guiding you to take-up “100 days Paleo Challenge” which will transform your life with happiness achieved from supreme health by cutting down extra pounds of weight you have been carrying all along, by reversing your prolonged Diabetes you had for many years  and bringing back all the happiness with very active & enthusiastic lifestyle, by minimizing or nullifying  the evil effects of Auto-immune diseases like Hypo-Thyroid, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Asthma, PCOD/ PCOS, problems related to menstrual cycle of women etc.

You shall enroll  yourself in our   “100 Days Paleo Challenge ” program  and get back your lost health owing to modern lifestyle and food habits.

Paleto Nutricare LLP

Paleto Nutricare LLP is into suggesting various types of food plans based on PALEO and KETO lifestyles for healthy, happy living & as well as to reverse DIABETES, to reduce weight of OBESE people, to get relief from AUTO IMMUNE diseases like THYROID, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, HIGH CHOLESTEROL, FATTY LIVER etc for males & females and IRREGULAR PEROIDS, POLYCYSTIC OVARY SYNDROME (PCOS), POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN DISEASE (PCOD), FIBROIDS in UTERUS & OVARY for females.

Paleto Nutricare LLP  speciality is to devise personalised food plans to the clients as per their present healthy conditions with their latest blood test reports, other tests reports and medical treatments that they undergo currently.

Paleto Nutricare LLP   ensures that each client is given special attention and personal care for a period of 100 days which is called as “100 Days Paleo Challenge” program and monitor their daily activities & advise the needed modifications in the food plan if required & help them to reach the desired target.

Paleto Nutricare LLP  motto is to deliver prompt and quality service to fulfill client’s expectations satisfactorily.

What is Paleo Diet ?

PALEO DIET is basically a food plan which is primarily based on types of food eaten by early humans during paleolithic era (26 Lakh years ago) consisting of meat, vegetables, selected fruits etc, but modified to suit our existing Indian food culture prevailing for many decades.
Since the invention of Agriculture, humans started eating more of grains like Rice, Wheat, Corn etc. Because of this, consumption of carbohydrate by humans increased multi-fold and Fat / Protein intake got reduced to one third of consumption by early humans. This has led to many new diseases which never existed in paleolithic period. The food eaten by humans during Paleolithic era was very rich in Fat and Protein and at the same time, intake of carbohydrate was to the very minimum as the meat was primary energy source.


Paleo Food Chart

LCHF-plateUnder this Package, Paleo Food Chart alone will be provided to the clients based on their Blood Test Report. But, these clients will not be given any service after Paleo food chart is prepared and handed over.

Obesity Package with 100 days monitoring


Customised Paleo Food chart along with 100 days daily monitoring services are provided to obese / morbidly obese clients. The food consumed by them and time of each meal is monitored on daily basis and necessary advice to change their food plan and meal timing in order to achieve continuous and uniform weight reduction.

Diabetic package with 100 days of monitoring

diabetes Customised Paleo Food chart alongwith 100 days of daily monitoring services are provided to Diabetic /severely Diabetic clients. The food consumed by them along with Fasting Blood Sugar(FBS) Post Prandial Blood Sugar(PDPBF) is monitored on daily basis and necessary advice to reduce dosages of sugar medicine given along with changes in Food chart. Clients are advised to reduce / increase sugar medicine in consultation with their Diabetologists. Depending upon how well client’s body responds to Paleo diet, Sugar medicine  can be either stopped fully and reduced to the minimum in this diet program.

PCOS /PCOD package with 100 days Monitoring

PCOS-bannerSpecially DesignedPaleo Food chart along with 100 days daily monitoring services are provided to women with PCOD /PCOS problem. The food consumed by them and time of each meal is monitored on daily basis and necessary advice to change their food plan and meal timing in order to achieve continuous and uniform weight reduction as well as to maintain proper hormonal balance in woman clients.

Paleo Blood Tests…


Customized Paleo Diet Chart / Diet Plan

Paleo Diet Plan
In-person consultation
Customized Diet Chart
Detailed explanation about paleo
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Obesity Package with 100 days monitoring

Obesity Management
In-person Consultation
Customized to your needs
Loose excess weight
100 days Follow up
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Diabetic package with 100 days monitoring

Diabetic Management
In Person Consultation
Customized Diet Chart
Reverse Diabetes
100 days Follow up
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PCOS /PCOD package with 100 days Monitoring

PCOS /PCOD Management
in-Person Consultation
Customized Diet Chart
Relief from PCOD/PCOS
100 days Follow up
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Testimonial from Ms Swetha Venkat – Cine/TV Actor – பேலியோ அனுபவம்.”

பேலியோ பயனாளர்-திரைப்பட /டி.வி. நடிகை நீபா-வுடன் ஒரு நேர்காணல்(An Interview with Paleo Beneficiary)

எனது 2-வது பேலியோ புத்தகம்

பேலியோ மூலம் 100 நாட்களில் உடல் எடை குறைப்பது எப்படி ?

அச்சுப் புத்தகமாக வாங்க….

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Paleo Diet Consultant for weight loss in Chennai

அமேசான் கிண்டில் பதிப்பை வாங்க….

Weight Loss Achievers

Paleo Diet Consultant for weight loss in Chennai


  • Best Weightloss Nutritionist in Chennai
    பெயர் : விராகவல்லி
    வயது : 56
    உயரம் : 150    செ.மீ
    பேலியோவுக்கு முன் எடை : 90 கிலோ
    பேலியோவுக்கு பின் எடை : 77 கிலாே
    Paleo Diet Consultant for Diabetes in Chennai
  • Best PCOD Dietitian in Chennai

    My travel towards health and fitness through 100dayspaleo.

    Myself Mrs. Saranya Age. 34. Height. 157 cms Weight,. 113 kgs Weight after 100 days 96 kg.

    Best PCOD Nutritionist in Chennai (more…)
  • பெயர்  :   திருமதி.  S. விஜயலக்ஷ்மி (நங்கநல்லூர், சென்னை) வயது               :    41 உயரம்             :    160cm பேலியோவுக்கு முன் எடை : 97 கிலோ பேலியோவுக்குப் பின் எடை : 85 கிலோ

    வணக்கம். நான் அதிக உடல் எடையால் அவதிப்பட்டேன். அப்பொழுது paleo உணவு முறையை பற்றி அறிந்து PNI நிறுவனத்தை அனுகினேன். PNI நிறுவனத்தின் மேற்பார்வையில் 11-7-18 அன்று 100 நாள் paleo உணவு முறையை துவங்கினேன். அவர்கள் பேலியோ உணவு முறையை பற்றி விளக்கமாக கூறி ரத்த பரிசோதனையின் அடிப்படையில் உணவு பட்டியல் கொடுத்தார்கள். அப்போது என்னுடைய எடை 97. முதல் நான்கு வாரம் தலைவலி, வாந்தி, மயக்கம் போன்றவற்றால் சிரமப்பட்டேன். அதற்கு ஏற்றபடி அவர்கள் உணவு பட்டியல் வழங்கினார்கள். அதன்படி என் எடை குறைய ஆரம்பித்தது.

  • பெயர்          :   செல்வி.  சின்னு – நாகர்கோயில்

    வயது           :    20 உயரம்        :    155 cm பேலியோவுக்கு முன் எடை      : 68 கிலோ

    பேலியோவுக்குப் பின் எடை   : 53 கிலோ

    Keto Diet Consultant for weight loss in Chennai (more…)
  • Name        :    Dr. Latha - karaikudi

    Age     :     43

    Height    :   165 cms

    Weight    :      103 kgs

    Weight after 100 days       :      86 kg.

    I'm a medical professional. My wt 103 kg. Due to PCOD problem, I was consuming medicines which made me to gain lot of weight. I tried many methods to reduce my weight but could not bring my weight down. I always ended up increasing my weight. (more…)
  • Name        :   Mr. Vimala Sekar-Velachery

    Age     :     41

    Height    :   170 cms

    Weight    :      101 kgs

    Weight after 100 days       :      87 kg.

    https://youtu.be/kq0X4TEA_18 (more…)
  • Name        :   Mr. Tamizh Thendral
    Age     :     29
    Height    :   186 cms
    Weight    :      102 kgs
    Weight after 50 days       :      88 kg.
    https://youtu.be/jEYNas7chiA (more…)